Samsung Behold II Caught In Photos

The Samsung Behold II just showed its pretty face and we got the pictures to prove it. Though we'll never like the name of the device (why name a brand new Android phone after a dumbphone?), we're beginning to come around on the Behold II. We're big fans of Samsung devices and it looks like the Behold II will pack enough niceties (3.2 inch AMOLED screen, 5 megapixel camera) and uniqueness (TouchWiz UI) to hang with the big boys. It has an obvious 'Galaxy' design to it but differs in that it will run Samsung's TouchWiz UI that allows for sleek multitasking.

The Samsung Behold II will reportedly be released on November 18th on T-Mobile (no price confirmed yet).

Are you guys excited about the Samsung Behold II?

Hit the jump for more pictures!


  • I kinda like it but any idea what the specs for this phone are?
  • What's the battery size? That's the million dollar question............LOL.
  • battery is 1500 cpu is most likely 800mhz confirmed from various sources.
  • you would get the phone just for the back cover? really? seriously? not sure if you could make a lot of calls with the cover but hey, whatever floats your boat. lol
  • I have to say, I LOVE the back battery door. I would get this phone just for that(but I love international relations so I might be swayed because of that...)
  • This looks like it will be a great new phone for android with new and more refreshed features.I like the new amoled screen and the camera.Wonder how this will compete with the motorola cliq and its motoblur.
  • Can you turn the phone to type with the QWERTY keys as how it was for the Behold?