Samsung announces the Galaxy S II LTE and Galaxy S II LTE HD (with a 720p display) for Korea

Samsung's dropped word of a couple of big phones for the Korean market -- the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE (that's it on the left), and the Galaxy S II LTE HD. Yes, folks, HD. As in high-definition. As in a 4.65-inch Super AMOLED HD display. As in a 4.65-inch Super AMOLED HD display at a 1280x720 resolution, for 316 pixels per inch, just shy of the iPhone 4's 326 ppi. Plus is, you know, better, because it's bigger, faster and runs Android.

Save for the screen, specs are the same for both phones -- a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 16GB of internal storage, an 8MP rear camera and the other usual features. And probably the one spec that'll keep those of us here in the states banging our heads -- it's Korean-only for now.

Source: Samsung Korea (translated); via Sammy Hub

Phil Nickinson
  • This was probably the biggest weakness for this phone from a spec sheet perspective...I wish Samsung would have waited and released the US phones with this 720p screen. On the plus side, I definitely think the new Nexus Prime will have a 720p screen now
  • Doesn't the rumor mill keep spitting out "1.5GHz Dual Core" and "4.65in 720p Super AMOLED" for an upcoming Samsung Nexus device? Yes, I think it does. Just sayin'
  • OOH S#!T.
  • Now I believe I know why VZW was absent from the 'regular' GSII release event. I bet one of these (a CDMA/LTE version) makes its way to the Big Red. I think they're just holding out for something that would blow the other GSII out of the water. Whether it be the NexusDroid, or Droid Galaxy, or any other crazy combination thereof is anyone's guess.
  • Looks like the Samsung Galaxy S2 in the States looks out of date right now well done Samsung.
    Was thinking about getting Sprint Epic Touch i will pass now.
    Just sound like Samsung all over.
  • If you want the Current GS2 just get the damn thing... Nothing is wrong with the phone... You're just confusing yourself.
  • Shouldn't even be called a phone. It's a tablet that happens to have a phone radio inside.
  • Why cant we get the center button!!!????
  • Why cant we get a search button!? :-P
    (I"m Dutch btw)
  • Ok, tell me this, the U.S. carriers wait 5 months later to get the Galaxy S 2, I was thinking ok, we will at least get a spec bumped version to make it worth our wait, no And now this comes out :(
  • From an engineering and manufacturing stand point, I don't think you guys are understanding how quick and easy it is to pop design changes, paper work and more to pass the standards in other countries out of your @$$. If %99 of you guys bought a simple book on engineering and manufacturing processes you would realize that products in high production takes a year to two of documentation, meetings and then manufacturing to come out. People don't go, HEY lets add this, this and this and WHABAM! We got ourselves a Phone. Now lets manufacture 100 variants in quantities of half a million to follow standards in 100 different countries BY TOMORROW! Good job, pat on the back bro we rocked today's meeting! *JUMPS IN THE AIR AND CLICKS HEELS*
  • Truth. This post has it.
  • I agree with what you stated, but still does not change the fact that Korea got a 720p and we did not. I think the US should drop a bomb on them too. Just like we do with every country that goes against us. lol I love America
  • I think it's obvious now that I'm an Engineer. I design flight simulators. Going from one LCD to another that is the same dimensions can cause dozens of design changes. One example is the display having the connector in a different place. This causes over 100 hours of paper work for my team and I to process. So switching displays mid production, halting your manufacturing process and having to pay those thousands of works for hours of nothing and losing profit would cause 100s of companies to go out of business. Let me put it this way. If HTC had all their generations of phones under one as the HTC Galaxies, you wouldn't complain that the Incredible Galaxy came out and a few months later the Evo Galaxy came out. I'm not trying to flame anyone, just trying to let you guys know there is a lot of engineering, designing and manufacturing.
  • SlimJ87D is willing to say here what all the knee-jerk Android acolytes are too scared to say: SAMSUNG'S PRODUCT STRATEGY IS TERRIBLE! Defending Samsung's poor attempt at standards and their MO of putting out a SLIGHTLY different version of a phone they release every 2 months is a waste of time for everyone... including Samsung! (why would you waste the money shipping a bunch of phones in 480p if you're going to be able to offer 720 less than 2 months later?).
  • I am not defending Samsung, I am defending my fellow engineers. I explained everything in my post. If you truly believe that all the engineers and manufacturers that worked on those variants for over 6 to 9 months don't deserve to get paid then what gives you the right to own a smartphone? It does not and would have not taken 2 months to release the 720P screens on the phones as explained above. There are over 100s of regulations set up by the US, plus patent research you have to spend to TRY and not infringe on someone else ideas on the way something is designed. So please understand the rate that cell phones move is 4 times faster than a car.
  • I grok what you did there.
  • Snapdragon cpu?
  • Probably
  • Doubtful. Either Exynos or OMAP4x more than likely.
  • I bet this is about the same size as the Epic 4G Touch because the bezel looks thinner. If they are true to form, it will not be in the United States for 6 months.
  • That's really good, they look good regarding the HD resolution It took alomst for ever to get the apps to scale properly with qHD screens & Honeycomb tablets
    Half the apps in the Android Market can't scale right with qHD
    Its gonna take a while to see this issue fixed I know I sound negative, but that's so annoying
    I guess anyone with a qHD phone have stumbled on an app that doesn't scale right
  • Agreed, I am loving my bionic, but when apps display funny on my screen it is kind of annoying. Can't imagine how long it'll take for developers too catch up for a 720p display.
  • Give us the same screen, with either dual core OMAP/Exynos or even Krait, ICS.
  • Me want, but I'd rather have an HTC HD phone. I'll take the one with Beats audio and headphones, please.
  • Why do you want beats? Seriously, beats is a gigantic POS company. They are worse than bose, and that's hard to do.
  • I'm excited about the 720p screen, but it's too big. I have a Droid X (4.3"), and I can't imagine ever needing a bigger screen on a smartphone than 4.3 inches. Am I in the minority on this topic? Judging by current manufacturing trends, I seem to be.
  • The numbers you're quoting are regarding the screen size, not the phone size. With a smaller bezel (especially the bezel-less support that ICS deploys) the 4.65" form factor won't seem nearly as large.
  • The one on the right looks wider, I waited so long for a company to do this :')
  • I have a tape measure in my hand and they are the same...on the screen anyway :)
  • The one on the right looks exactly the same as the one on the left ...
  • The pix above are same. Engadget has the correct 2 side by side and you can see the difference in screen size. I'm thinking this GS2 variant will never make it to US. It will be the GS3.
  • the spec of this is pretty much the nexus prime and the will be even smaller if the rumour that no hardware button is needed for ICS
  • Apple will NEVER get SUPERAMOLED+ - muahhaha
  • Great. May as well just call it the Nexus Prime. If Sprint gets the Nexus Prime by December 1st, great. If not, GRAPE KOOLAID, please?