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Good news for Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 early adopters -- Sammy’s announced that it’s teamed up with a number of high-profile developers to bring free apps to its new stylus-toting ICS tablet. In addition to Adobe Photoshop touch, which is bundled on the tablet, Samsung’s offering Note 10.1 owners, there’s rhythm creation app Drop the Beat, Spot the Difference and Where Is It? for the kids, and Need for Speed and Sonic 4. 

The full list is fairly exhaustive, and spans both the Google Play Store and Samsung’s own app store, so check it out after the break. All apps, Samsung says, have been optimized for use with the Note 10.1's Wacom-based S Pen.

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Source: Samsung

Samsung Apps --

·         Drop the Beat
·         Geotag
·         Stargazer
·         Spot the Difference
·         You Draw
·         Need for SpeedTM Hot Pursuit

Google Play Store --

·         Where is it?
·         Trace a Face
·         The Official Top 40
·         Easy Phone Sync

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