Odds are you have more than one or two devices that you need to charge on a regular basis, and that can be a pain at times since most people don't have an abundance of wall outlets just hanging around unused. Surge protectors, or power strips, are a great way to charge up multiple devices from a single wall receptacle, and today you can save up to 34% on this selection of Belkin surge protectors at Amazon. There are eight different options available, and prices in the sale start at just $7.18 and only go up to $28.

Charge the things

Belkin Surge Protectors

Whether you're looking for an ultra-portable 3-outlet protector for your travel bag or a 12-outlet option to use with your home theater, this sale has you covered. Prices start at just $7, but the deals won't stick around for long.

Save up to 34%

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

One of my favorites from the sale is the 3-outlet USB surge protector with rotating plug, which is on sale for $15.79. It has three AC plugs and two USB ports on it, so it can charge five devices at once, and it's ultra-portable so you can toss it in your to-go bag without a worry. The rotating plug lets you use it in so many different situations with ease, so trust me when I say you'll want to buy one.

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There's also a more standard 6-outlet power strip with 4-foot cord that's down to $7.18, and this wall-mounted option with rotating individual plugs is only $14.39. If you have a lot of gear you want to protect, opt for this 12-outlet surge protector with 4000 Joules of protection for $27.99.

Belkin offers varying Connected Equipment Warranty's on each of these, which means that if you register your power strip after the purchase Belkin will cover the cost of your connected items should the power strip fail to keep them safe. This is super handy, so make sure you take advantage of the option. These prices are only good for today, so don't miss out.

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