Google Pixel 4a leaked renderSource: 91Mobiles / @OnLeaks

What you need to know

  • Initial reports suggested a 64GB model would cost $399.
  • New rumors say that a 128GB model might cost $349
  • Either way, Pixel 4a would be priced competitively with iPhone SE

The entire Android world has been eagerly anticipating the imminent launch of Google's new budget flagship, the Pixel 4a. After the success of last year's Pixel 3a and the recent departure of several high-profile Pixel team members, the stakes for success have never been higher.

Perhaps the most interesting bit of speculation lately about the Pixel 4a is just how it might be priced, especially regarding recent price and performance pressures from Apple's 2020 iPhone SE. The iPhone SE starts at $399 for 64GB of storage, and reporting by The Information recently suggested that the Pixel 4a would come at the same price and storage configuration as the iPhone SE, as well as last year's Pixel 3a.

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However, new information from Stephen Hall at 9to5Google indictates that the Pixel 4a might undercut the iPhone SE by $50 or more while offering twice the storage. Hall reports that the 128GB Pixel 4a will sell for $349, leading us to believe that the 64GB variant could cost as little as $299. If that's true, it would be quiet a blow to the narrative that the iPhone SE is this year's mid-range value champion.

A new Pixel phone with Google's implementation of Android, twice the rate of storage of the iPhone SE, and that unparalleled Pixel camera for $350 or less should sell like hotcakes, especially in the current market. We know that we can't wait to get our hands on one of these devices just as soon as we can. How about you?

Of course, if you can't wait for the 4a, the 3a is still a great value and is likely to drop in price once the newer phone is released.

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