The rumors are true: Qik video chat will cost extra on the Evo 4G

Time to get the pitchforks out, people. We slept on it in hopes it was all a nightmare, but the ugly rumor that began yesterday (first by Android Guys and later confirmed by Engadget) is true: Video chat on Qik on the Evo 4G is going to cost an extra $4.99 a month, payable by Paypal.

It's more than a little suspect that this wasn't mentioned -- ever -- during Sprint's Evo 4G launch party in New York, nor did any of the Qik folks there drop the bomb, and here we are just a week from launch. The good news is that there's already one free alternative in Fring, and Skype may be bringing video chat as well in the form of a "consumer app" (outside the bounds of its exclusivity with Verizon) later this year. [Android Guys, Engadget]

Phil Nickinson