Rumor has G1 getting Android 2.0 update

Rumors are like elbows and other things around here, so we're going to swallow some salt with this one. But AndroidSPIN says it has an anonymous tipster with word that the HTC G1 on T-Mobile -- as in the very first commercially available Android phone -- will be getting an Eclair update. And that's not out of the realm of possibilty, as we've already seen Android 2.0 ported over to the G1, albeit in pretty raw form. No word on when the over-the-air update could come, or if it'll be the newer 2.0.1 flavor. Stay tuned, folks. [AndroidSPIN]

Update: Erm, fixed headline.

Phil Nickinson
  • What if you were to buy a G1 to use it like an iPod Touch? There are several available for fairly cheap ($90) on eBay. Would you be able to get the update to the new version? Or would this have to be done through TMobile? If somebody know please reply to me on Twitter @JugglingWJ.
  • I'm sure there will be a file you will be able to download and update your G1 manually. I updated mine to 1.6 that way, before I rooted it.
  • What about the Cliq? Did they forget they made that phone?
  • Cliq, whats that. I know a click is the sound keys make when they are pressed, but what on earth could a cliq be?
  • The Cliq runs on Motoblur, and has nothing to do with the update
  • THe cliq does not run on motoblur. The cliq runs on android 1.5. Motoblur operates on top of that. It has been announced that the cliq will get the update, and I just spoke to a tmobile rep who said hes been hearing that they are shooting for in the next 20 days or so.
  • So, the G1 gets the update, but not the MyTouch 3G?
  • The myTouch gets it as well. The question was whether or not the G1 would get the update as it was older hardware. It was thought the 2.0 update would be too large for the onboard memory.
  • sweet...I don't have any issues with 1.6, but I'd like to be as up to date as possible
  • I just bought my g1, how do you update it?
  • I just bought my g1, how do you update it?
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  • So when is the g1 going to have an update
  • So y won't any one tell us when 2.1 or 2.0 will be available for my g1 I am starting to get very mad about this I am a customer and as the saying dictates the customer comes first so update our phones already
  • My G1 OS updated last week and now I hate the phone! It was great and now it runs SO SLOW, and the email doesnt work right, suddenly it shows I have 27 new messages and it will only show me 3. This sucks. Can anyone tell me how to go back to the way it was?? Please e-mail a responce if you will because I probably wont check this page.
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