PUBG Mobile 0.16.5 update sets stage for Royale Pass Season 11 and adds new Domination game mode

PUBG Mobile Season 11
PUBG Mobile Season 11 (Image credit: Tencent Games)

What you need to know

  • Version 0.16.5 update is rolling out starting today.
  • Introduces Royale Pass Season 11: Operation Tomorrow.
  • Adds a new Arena game mode called Domination, along with the return of classic Warehouse TDM.

PUBG Mobile players will see a new update rolling out today that introduces the new Royale Pass Season. Season 11 is called "Operation Tomorrow" and introduces a ton of new, futuristic cosmetic upgrade to unlock through the Royale Pass Rank system — if you're still into that grind.

For the rest of us who spend more time playing the EvoGrounds game modes, you'll definitely want to check out Domination. It's a capture-and-hold game mode that pits two teams of four against one another on an urban map with random areas to be captured for victory.

New Arena Mode: Domination

Source: Tencent Games (Image credit: Source: Tencent Games)

The action plays out on a brand new map that's exclusive to the Domination mode. Simply called Town, it's a small urban battleground with tight alleyways and plenty of higher points for advantageous snipers.

Each Domination match is unique with one of the five capture points randomly activated at one time. Teams must secure and hold the point over the course of four minutes while slowly increasing their capture percentage. The team can capture the point by reaching 100% or by having a higher percentage when time expires. The first team to capture two areas win the match.

There are now 12 unique game modes to play in PUBG Mobile as of the 0.16.5 update.

I really like PUBG Mobile's take on the domination mode compared to say, Call of Duty Mobile, which has all three capture in play from the start of the match. Having both teams focus on one area at a time helps to centralize the action, and not knowing which area will be up for grabs next adds a nice bit of randomness that makes every match feel unique in its own way.

Another notable addition is the return of the classic Warehouse TDM mode, a fan favorite that lost some of its charm when custom loadouts were introduced to the game in the last 0.16.0 update. It's been given its own mode called Arena Training and is just as frantic and fun to play as ever.

Other minor fixes included in the latest update are a new two-seater snowmobile available exclusively in the Vikendi that's much faster and easier to maneuver, but also more susceptible to damage. There have also been some minor tweaks to the UI for missions and the map download menu.

You can check out the full 0.16.5 patch notes which details everything newly added or updated in the game.

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