For Week 4 of the Smartphone Round Robin, the T-Mobile G1 is in the hands of our good friend Dieter Bohn! Dieter just finished up his Video Review and first impressions of the T-Mobile G1 but instead of choosing the normal route of detailing the hardware and software, he elects to do something entirely different--he defends the G1's hardware.

Let's face it. The G1 has caught a lot of flack for its supposed "ugly" and "bland" design. Deserved or not, even we at Android Central admit its not the prettiest in the bunch. So for Dieter to go out and defend the hardware? That's bold.

You should check out his Video Review to see the great points he raises on the design and it just might make you re-evaluate the way you saw the T-Mobile G1. One more thing. He even defends the chin.

Go check out Dieter's Video Defense of the T-Mobile G1's hardware!

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