The first week of the Smartphone Round Robin is long gone and the Editors of each site are trickling in their full reviews! Android Central's favorite device around these parts, the T-Mobile G1, just got a full, in-depth review from Rene over at the iPhone Blog.

Since our buddy Rene is an out-and-out iPhone 3G user, he got a bit confused with all the input methods and different design choices with the G1. But he does say some good things about the G1 and the Android platform as a whole, check out what Rene thinks about the T-Mobile G1 in his full review!

Week 2 begins of the Smartphone Round Robin begins TODAY. What device am I going to be using? The AT&T Fuze, a Windows Mobile device. And my first impressions? Boy, this thing is much too powerful for me.

Stay tuned to Android Central for Smartphone Round Robin fun!

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