It feels so good to be home! The Smartphone Round Robin is over and we're all back on our original devices, meaning I'm finally, finally done with Bolds, Fuzes, iPhones, & Treos! No more non touchscreens, closed systems, or resistive touch! I'm back on the most potential packed, exciting smartphone OS and do-it-all hardware available in today's smartphone market.

But like all the other devices in the Smartphone Round Robin, we're going to take a look at the T-Mobile G1 in a Video Review and then follow up with a comprehensive, in-depth written review that'll compare the G1 with the other devices and also examine the status of Android. So stay tuned to Android Central where it's going to be all T-Mobile G1 and Android once again.

This is an Official Round Robin Contest Post, Comment To Win a T-Mobile G1! – Details Here

Update: The Smartphone Round Robin isn't exactly over (the part where I have to use other phones is done, though). We're in the last round of the Round Robin so we'll be wrapping things up in the next few days, stay tuned!