So let me fill you in with how the Smartphone Round Robin works: Every editor of the SPE network sites trade in their phones for a spin with another smartphone. So not only will you be able to see my Androidified opinion about the iPhone 3G, AT&T Fuze, Blackberry Bold, and Palm Treo Pro -- you'll be able to see what everyone else thinks about our beloved G1 and the exciting Android OS!

Since Android is the newest kid on the block and essentially non-existent outside the US and UK, you'll definitely see some mix ups and false starts from the get go. Our good friend Rene takes the first crack at the T-Mobile G1 and comes away...confused. To give you a preview, the plethora of input options is too much for him to handle!

Go on over to The iPhone Blog to check out Rene's thoughts and see his video on Android and the T-Mobile G1. I agree with a lot of what he's saying but believe after a few more days he'll see that though the Android way is different, it is also a great way to go. Head on over to give him a piece of your mind!

Ed. note: Rene's video is hilarious. Make sure you're not eating lunch or reading in a meeting because food pieces will fly and hooting & hollering will surely occur. Just warning ya!

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