We're now in Week 3 of the Smartphone Round Robin and we have the Blackberry Bold in the Android Central headquarters! The Blackberry Bold is a much celebrated device and deservedly so, the Bold is a magnificent piece of hardware--everything is simply top notch. From the gorgeous screen to the superb build quality, the folks at RIM definitely put a lot of thought into this puppy--everything is so well executed and in concert.

Like any Blackberry (well almost any Blackberry, looking at you Storm), you can expect a few features to be as good as it gets on the Bold--namely the keyboard and E-mail. Both are definitely effective, though we still personally like our G1's Gmail App better than anything on Blackberry.

There are a few quirks and kinks in the Blackberry OS that, though upgraded from previous generations, still don't seem like the 'modern' way to go. We'll get more into that concept as the week goes along, so in the meantime, check out Android Central's Video Review of the Blackberry Bold!

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