The Room Two Walkthrough

Need a hand getting through the beginning of The Room Two? We've got step-by-step instructions for you.

The Room Two was launched last week on Android, and though some of you may have already started chewing on this devilishly difficult and gorgeous puzzle game, there may be many that are simply stumped at a particular point. We're going to walk you through the solutions for the first two chapters to get you on your way. Keep in mind that these are some significant spoilers. Don't read ahead unless you're well and truly stuck! You can also make use of the in-game hints in the top-left. That said, also be sure to take the time to read the notes left around each level and soak up some of the excellent story.

Walkthrough of Chapter 1 of the Room Two

Walkthrough of Chapter 2 of the Room Two


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div class="media-gallery"> Double tap on the boat, then double-tap the top of the mast near the front of the boat. Then slide the two sections in the middle until the rope image on both halves line up with each other and the metal brackets in the mast. It should open to reveal a key, which you should tap to add to your inventory.Zoom out, then zoom in on the main deck next to the cannons. Drag the cannons on the tracks so that theyTap the cylinder in your inventory, and drag both metal handles upwards. The base should extend into a kind of key. Exit the inventory, and zoom in on the beam behind the treasure chest. Double-tap the side facing the model boat. Rotate the brass circles so the gaps in them are facing inwards. A compartment between them will open with a small key in it. Tap it to add it to your inventory. Zoom out, and double tap on the front of the chest. Swipe outwards from the top of the circular plate. A complex lock mechanism will be revealed beneath. There are three overlapping plates here you can rotate so that certain symbols are highlighted in triangular brass fittings. (For those curious, the proper combination is revealed by hints scattered around the stage: along the bottom of the left side of the chest, behind the key from the wooden beam, and third on the strange-shaped key picked up from the boat.) Rotate the plates on the chest to match these symbols. Basically, all of the highlighted triangles should be pointing towards the center of the chest, as in the image below. Drag and drop the strange-shaped key from the model boat into the new keyhole and rotate it. Swipe open the chest after the key clicks. Tap your eyepiece on the right side, and double-tap the square on the left side. Drag the center piece counterclockwise until the pins are moved away. A section of the center gear will be moved away.Zoom out and flip the yellow switch in the top-right. This will move the plate below it. Tap on your eyepiece to see a similar wheel with yellow pins. Drag the bottom and left pins out, and rotate the wheel so the top and right pins push into the gaps. Another section of the center gear will be moved away.Zoom out and double tap on the small plate built into the left side of the chestOne of the gears in the middle (bottom-right of the primary center gear) will now show a yellow switch. Zoom into it and flip the switch. This will reveal the bottom-right plate. Double-tap it and tap on your eyepiece. Drag each triangular piece into the top-left and bottom-right corners. The center gear should now be fully revealed and ready for your strange cylinder key. Drag and drop it into the middle, turn it around, and flip the top open.You must now recreate a sailing voyage documented on each page of a journal. For the first leg, tap two squares directly above the ship medallion, then two to the left, then three down and tap the ship button. The page will flip for the next leg of the journey.Double-tap the keyhole piece below the page and swipe the triangular plates around until the dark ones are in a position to overlap and align properly with the keyhole outline in the middle. The keyhole will open once aligned. Drag and drop your small key into it, and turn the key. The tides will lower, allowing you to tap four squares to the left of the medallionDouble-tap the new page and put on the eyepiece. There will be an image of a ship and mast. Swipe and hold the wheel to the right until the lower half of the compass aligns with that on the sail. The fog will then lift on the map, allowing you to tap six tiles down, two right, and one up. Tap the sail button to complete the story.A tile will raise, revealing a miniature bust of a woman. Tap the figurehead to add it to your inventory, then return to the miniature boat. Double-tap the front of the boat, and drag and drop the figurehead to the tip. The lower deck will open. Tap the wheel there on the left side to add it to your inventory. Zoom out, and back in to the main deck at the rear. Drag and drop the wheel there. Turn the wheel clockwise.Eventually the rudder will shift, revealing a switch in the base. Swipe it to the right to lower the sails. YouTap the gem to add it to your inventory, and navigate to the half-gem from earlier. Drag and drop your new one into the slider to the right of it, and slide it so the two are touching. YouTap the small disc on the left side to add it to your inventory, then drag and drop it into the empty circular section on the front of the box near the base. Rotate it so the the peg aligns with the gap in the disc and slide it into place. The top will pop open with another weight. Tap it to add it to your inventory and tap the small silver disc on the inside of the lid. Drag and drop the new weight onto the square outline on the right side of the scale. A marker on that side of the table will move inward.Go back to the front of the box and drag and drop the disc into the opening there. As before, rotate it and slide the pegs into the disc, one at a time. When complete, another weight will pop up. Tap it to put it into your inventory. Tap the weight in your inventory, and rotate the handle at the top so the notched arrow aligns with that on the bottom section. The weight will extend into a triangular shape. Go back to the scale, and drag and drop it onto the left side of the balance onto the triangular outline.Zoom in on the cavity where the second weight was stored. Rotate each of the square tiles surrounding it so that the triangular gaps in each square are facing inwards. Rotate round to view the left side of the box. There will be a drawer in the boxThe third weight will become available now. Tap it to add it to your inventory, and tap it again to examine. Swipe the rock midsections of each side upwards to flip the columns to the outside of the cube. Return to the balance, and drag and drop the weight to the star-shaped outline on the left side of the balance. The scale indicator on the table will slide inwards again.Rotate the cavity where the third weight was stored until the grey arrows line up. Tap the disc thatThe final weight will pop up out of the box. Tap it, then tap it in your inventory to examine. Rotate the handle so the arrow on it aligns with the base. The handle will pop off as a separate item and the weight itself will form a hexagon. Return to the balance and place the handle onto the circular outline on the left and the hexagonal weight onto the balance on the remaining outline on the right. The box weight will recede, revealing a spring and an anchor. Tap them both and return to the model boat. Drag and drop the anchor the anchor onto the metal brackets on the side of the boat close to the front.  A lower section of the boat will open, revealing a metal star. Tap and collect it, then return to the table where the weights were. Circle around to the box on the other side. Drag and drop the star to the front of it.Rotate to the right side of the box, zoom in on either edge, and slide down each bracket around the middle. This will open a compartment in the middle where youSwipe the slider on the bottom-left of the the inside of the box. This will open a compartment along the base which will provide a wind-up key. Tap it, then return to inside the box, and turn the knob on the bottom-right to flip the central piece around. Zoom onto the left side of the apparatus, and swipe the latch there to the right. This will open the top.Insert the key into the middle of the gear on the right side. Drop the screwdriver onto the screw attached to the large brass drum next to the gear. and swipe the screwdriver until the screw is unfastened. Swipe open the top of the drum and insert the spring. Wind the key and the device (a chronometer) should start working.  Zoom in on the section on the left side of the box, put on the lens, and swipe the lever to the right. It will show the time 2:50. Return to the clock face and drag the minute hand until it reads that time. The plate beneath the two spinning gears should slide down. Tap either button until the gap is facing upwards. Don<img alt='Insert the key into the lock at the top of the chronometer's lid and spin it counter-clockwise. A section of the lid will drop down. Put on the eyepiece and look at the gem in this section. Rotate the sections of the disc here to create the image of a boat. Remember that the outer ring is static, so work from the outermost rings inwards. This will open a small compartment for a token in the lid take it, then drop it into the receptacle that forms in the middle of the table. ' src='/sites/' data-big='/sites/' width='800' height='500' /> A familiar-looking globe will emerge. Slide the top half until the symbol aligns with the bottom. Rotate around the shapes in mid-air until your perspective forms the icon shown in the bottom-right of your lens. You should be looking at the wall to the left, and that will take you to the next stage.

That's about it for the first two chapters of The Room Two! Give us a shout out in the comments if you're stuck on any of the steps.