Rogers has begun reaching out to customers on the verge of exceeding their monthly data buckets, asking over SMS whether they'd like to add a one-time data add-on to their monthly plan.

At 90% usage, users will get the option of adding 200MB for $5, 400MB for $9, or 600MB for $12, which extrapolates roughly to the standard 1GB / $20 rate that carriers charge these days.

Because Rogers charges overage fees of $0.05 per MB, or $50 per gigabyte, the add-on options, while pricey in isolation, are good hedges against excessive overage fees. And that they are easy to apply — merely reply using a pre-determined number, and have the charge added to an account — adds a convenience factor.

What do you think about these add-ons? Are they useful, or just greedy? Let us know in the comments!