Roam Mobility

For Canadians traveling into the US sometimes the most expensive part of the trip isn't the airfare or the hotel but instead the roaming fees associated with their data plans. Gone are the days of ridiculous roaming fees on your current carrier, or trying to find a pre-paid data plan to use for the short time you are in the US, and here is Roam Mobility. The idea behind Roam Mobility is quite simple -- they want to provide a painless solution for roaming Canadians that gives them access to a fast, reliable network while in the US. 

Roam Mobility offers a basic handset, a Liberty mobile hotspot or a SIM / Micro-SIM card that can be purchased, and they pair them with affordable plans as well. You can choose between data only plans, text & talk, or text, talk and data and with these plans you are given the option to pre-pay for the time you will be here, or pay by day. All you need is an unlocked GSM phone and you are ready to rock. For full details, comparison to Canadian carriers roaming charges, and how to get one for yourself be sure to hit the link below.

Source: Roam Mobility