Ring announces gate access control and smart light bulbs at CES 2020

Ring Access Controller Pro
Ring Access Controller Pro (Image credit: Ring)

What you need to know

  • Ring Access Controller Pro allows you to remotely view a locked gate and unlock it to allow entrance.
  • The Ring Access Controller Pro is also part of the Key by Amazon program to allow in-gate deliveries.
  • The LED lights are available in both a typical screw-in powered bulb as well as solar-powered, each offering remote control.

Ring, well known for its connected doorbells and cameras, has announced a new batch of products to build out your smart home further. Today at CES 2020, Ring debuted the Ring Access Controller Pro, Smart LED Lightbulbs, and Smart Lighting Solar.

The Ring Access Controller Pro's key feature is its ability to give you access to your electronically-controlled gate. It is allowing you to open the gate directly from the Live view in the Ring app when it's paired to a Ring Video Doorbell or Cam. The other selling point to the remote gate access is that the Ring Access Controller Pro is part of the Key by Amazon program, which will let Amazon deliver packages inside your gate.

Ring enters 2020 with a robust lineup of security devices, and we will continue to focus on innovating new products while enhancing our customers' experiences especially around privacy and user control.

Ring is also getting into the smart light game with two different types of lighting products. Firstly, it has the typical screw-in bulbs in A19 and PAR38 styles of LED bulbs that pair both to Alexa and the Ring Bridge. The Bridge or Alexa will be required to control the bulbs remotely.

Ring Smart LED Bulb A19

Source: Ring (Image credit: Source: Ring)

The second type of smart bulbs is the Ring Smart Lighting Solar. As the name indicates, these are solar-powered lights that can be installed outdoors. There are three types of solar lights — Ring Solar Floodlight, Ring Solar Steplight, and the Ring Solar Pathlight — and all of these are motion-activated and can be connected to the Ring app and Ring Bridge to give notifications when the light has been turned on.

Source: Ring

You can purchase the Ring Controller Pro today at for $299 or bundled with the Stick Up Cam Battery for $398.99. Availablity for the smart lights is April 1 via Ring, Amazon, and Home Depot — pricing is still to be announced.

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