BB10 has shown its pretty face, and we'll be damned if there's not a lot there to love. There should be, as Research in Motion has certainly borrowed more than a bit in the UI department from Android, as well as a little from Windows Phone 7.  We're not knocking them for it (OK, maybe just a little), because RIM has needed a serious refresh to their image among consumers for a while now, and using what people (and pundits) have been praising makes perfect sense. We'll let you look the whole thing over at CrackBerry, where you can see B10's homescreen widgets in action, but we have to call out a few things here.

Just as it is with Android, the application tray looks like it's done well, with 16 icons per page, well spaced and high resolution. We're not sure, but there are probably more than 16 apps for BlackBerry, so you'll have a multi-page design, and you have full time access to the buttons that RIM deems important across the bottom.  Speaking of which, notice the widgets on the homescreen.  We can't decide just who should be flattered the most here, because they look like a healthy mash-up of an Android phone with WP7's Metro interface thrown in.  It's pretty, and functional. It's also going to makes those BlackBerries look all the same, or would if more phones were getting it. We fully expect to see BlackBerry fragmentation rants across the 'tubes any second now.  

All kidding aside here folks -- we want RIM to succeed in a big way in their quest to keep things afloat. If all the competition dies off, the winner(s) have no reason to keep trying to make things better. We all want things that are better. We're happy to see RIM pulling what works from other mobile operating systems, and changing it up to fit better with theirs. If BB10 turns out to be the best thing since sliced bread, Google will have to rethink how to slice bread and give us more with the next version. We all win here, and winning is a very good thing indeed.  

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