Major League Baseball's 2020 season was supposed to start this week. Unfortunately, thanks to the coronavirus and social distancing guidelines, that has been delayed. While you mourn the loss of new baseball games, you don't have to go completely without. MLB has made a ton of games free for you to stream right now. You could relive an entire season, watch a few classic games, or even watch the World Series again. The free games are available on the app and YouTube's MLB Vault channel.

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Free MLB games

Don't worry about the start of baseball season. Enjoy previous seasons, classic games, even World Series bouts, all for free using the MLB app or the MLB Vault channel on YouTube.

Free is Free

The first thing you should know is that MLB has put all 2018 and 2019 games on the app, and they are all available to watch for free. That's a lot of baseball. Follow your favorite team or, if you've seen all those games already, find a new team to root for just long enough to get your baseball fix. Stream all the games and keep them on in the background while you're working from home. The app also has a lot more than just straight baseball games. Get in-game highlights, analysis, and more.

The MLB Vault is another great way to watch baseball games for free. It has more than 100 classic games, including World Series Game 7s going all the way back to 1952 and possibly older than that. That was just the oldest one I spotted on a quick scan. Newer games include the 2018 and 2019 World Series.

Baseball has a lot of games and sometimes it can be hard to remember what games were awesome and when they were played. MLB has you covered with a list of five classic games from each team that you can watch. Almost all of which are available on various YouTube channels for free.

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