Holster Combo for Droid Incredible

Verizon's Shell/Holster Combo for the Droid Incredible packs a one-two punch of a minimalist case along with a waist holster, complete with clip. The case itself is black, but not the matte black you will find along the front of your Incredible. Rather, it is the same shade as the rear plastic cover on the DInc. It is held in place by a pair of gripping sides the run the length of the phone on either side. Check past the break for the rest of the review, along with tons of pictures.

The case feels great in the hand, mainly because it adds so little bulk to the phone. It leaves the front almost completely ignored, but protects the back and sides with an extra layer of plastic. It has a weave pattern that allows for much easier gripping of the phone, especially with slippery hands. The back features the same layered ridges as the stock Droid Incredible back, which is a nice feature which I have found makes it slightly easier to hold the phone. The buttons and ports are given ample breathing room, so you dont have to worry about getting your USB or headphone cables in. Around the camera and LEDs, the case seems to have a slight lip, which should help protect the camera lens from scratches when set down on flat surfaces.

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The holster is of the same color and has the same weave on its back. It has a trio of plastic grippers to keep your phone securely locked in place. A subtle ridge along each side of the case fits into the side grippers, so you will only be able to put the phone in the holster with the screen facing inward. A soft material lines the inside where the screen will rest against the inside of the holster, preventing any scratches. The top of the holster has a slight lip, which prevents the phone from simply slipping out, but is easily pushed back when sliding the phone out. The clip itself can tilt in 90 degrees to both the left and right, so you should be able to find an angle that works for you.

Since getting the case and holster, I have found myself leaving the case on constantly. The additions to weight and bulk are almost unnoticeable, and the build quality is surprisingly high for a Verizon-branded accessory. The weave on the back add a bit of style without losing the recognisable leveled design on the back that the Droid Incredible has become known for. I love using the holster when I run to keep my phone strapped to my waist band and out of the way. The Verizon Shell/Holster Comb for the Droid Incredible can be found in the Android Central Store for $24.95.

Case close up

Bottom of case

Left side of case

Back of case

Close up of holster

 Top of holster