HTC Skin Case (Black)

I've just wrapped up a week with the HTC Skin Case for the Droid Incredible. The case is made of a flexible black rubber which wraps around the sides and back of the phone, but leaves the front uncovered save for a slight bump around the edges. The back features the love-it-or-hate-it "stepped" ridges that you would find on the back of the phone itself. Join me past the break for a closer look?

 Rear view

As you can see, the back of the case keeps the elegant lines and curves of the Droid Incredible faithfully intact. HTC does put its logo on the back, but it is much smaller than you would find on the back of the phone itself. Being a HTC fan, I would have really liked to see HTC duplicate the size, positioning, and style of its logo from the back of the phone. Space is cut out for camera and the flash LEDs along with a hole for the speaker. 

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Top view

Going up to the top of the phone, there is a cutout for the On/Off button which I find myself wishing was slightly larger so you could be sure that your are pressing down on the button. Next to it is a generously sized hole for the headphone jack, so you should not have any issues plugging in your headphones of choice. Around the left side you will find a thinner piece of rubber covering the volume rocker, which does stick out enough to be easily used without looking. The space around the microUSB ports is also given some breathing space. The space is large enough to fit even larger cables, like HTC's own AV Cable (which you can expect a review for soon). 

Left side view

When I first started using the case, I had my doubts. Soft cases have never appealed to me before as they typically get really dirty in my pockets. They often seem to pick up lint like it is their job. That being said, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this case seemed very resistant to lint and dust. I also liked the slight bump around the face of the phone, which would elevate the screen slightly off the surface when set down. If you are a Droid Incredible user and looking for a simple and cheap soft case, the HTC Skin Case should make a great choice. It is available for purchase now from the Android Central Store for just $9.95 in five colors: black, red, purple, green, and "raspberry." 

Front view

Empty case viewTwisted inside case view