Republic Wireless to begin testing plans that could give customers data refunds

The project is under the wireless carrier's Republic Labs division, which offers some customers a chance to beta test new plans and services. . Here's a description of what Maestro could offer some Republic Wireless members:

At their foundation, the plans we're testing simply mean you do not pay for more than you use. You pay money for your upcoming service and if you don't use your money's worth, you will be paid back for what you don't use. The exact details on what is being paid back will be tested during the Maestro lab timeframe. The feedback we receive will help us determine what will best serve our members.

Customers who sign up for Republic Labs and are selected to beta test Maestro will start their test period, which will run between 4 to 8 weeks, on May 18. While there's no word on exact pricing yet, Republic Wireless did state that they believe smartphone users are overpaying by $16 a month for services they don't use. There's also no word on when the Maestro plans will be offered to customers beyond the planned test.

Republic Wireless also has plans to test even more ideas over the next several months, including testing which smartphones they will offer next.

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Source: Republic Wireless; Maestro FAQ

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