Republic Wireless drops Moto X price to $299 after rebate

Following Motorola's announcement which gave customers a risk free trial and special price on the Moto X, Republic Wireless has announced a price drop as well. The company has dropped the price from$399 down to only $299 after a $50 rebate. From the Republic Wireless site you can pick up a standard black or white configuration for the $299 price tag, but if you want a customized device that's where the rebate comes in. From Motorola's MotoMaker site, the device runs $349, plus the $50 rebate.

There is no word on whether this price is going to stick around, or if it is just part of a limited time promotion. If you are interested in a Moto X for Republic Wireless, act quick.

Purchase the Moto X from Republic Wireless

Source: Republic Wireless

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