Carrying around a packed wallet can truly be a thing of the past with the all-new OV Valet. This safe and secure touchless payment token stores all your credit card information inside and can then be used to pay for your purchases at over 90% of retailers — even "mom and pop" shops. It works virtually everywhere just like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, though unlike those options, the OV Valet doesn't even need your phone around to work properly, truly giving you the freedom to leave everything else at home.

Right now, as a special pre-order offer, the OV Valet is on sale for just $69 — a discount of $30 off its regular price! This special offer is only available for a limited time in advance of the product's official release with an estimated shipping date of April 2021. OV Loop includes free shipping with the purchase.

30% Off

OV Valet

Condense your wallet full of credit cards into a single card with the OV Valet. It's a safe, secure touchless payment token that works virtually everywhere — similar to Apple Pay or Samsung Pay, but without the necessity of needing your phone around.

$69.00 $99.00 $30 off

OV Valet is small enough to clip onto your keychain, too. You'll be able to use the OV Loop app to manage your payment information, suspend, or reactivate the OV Valet whenever needed. There's even a built-in locator that can be used to track the keyfob or even find your phone.

The OV Valet is built to be extremely secure. Each time it's used, a one-time use card number is generated to pay for your purchase. That means there's no consistent card number to be stolen or re-used by someone else. It's also a stellar option for those looking to minimize contact with public surfaces and other people after all that's gone on during 2020; this card is designed for contactless payments. Plus, it only transmits payment information when you press a button beside the checkout device, meaning even those trying to read your card remotely won't be able to access its information.

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