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Discount codes will give you more time to order; Developer Edition included in the sale

Update: After actually running about 10 minutes past 4pm ET, the sale's finally over. If you didn't get a chance to save $100 on your off-contract Moto X purchase, you still have until February 14th to save $70. Not a bad deal.

Original story: In case you haven't heard, Motorola is readying a killer sale on the Moto X that drops a whole $100 off any off-contract variant you can buy from its online store. We now know that just like previous deals, Motorola will be offering up discount codes for those who show up to the site "while supplies last." That means when the clock strikes 3pm ET (noon PT), you can head to the link below and simply register to get the discount.

You'll then be emailed a $100 discount code to be applied to the purchase of an off-contract Moto X from the Motorola website. That includes devices customized by Moto Maker, even if you opt to go with a wood finish (although you still pay the $25 premium). This time around the discount even applies to the Developer Edition devices, which will go for $349. As stated before, you'll only be able to get codes from 3pm to 4pm ET.

The code, just as before, will only be good for a limited amount of time (to be specified on the code email). This is still a far better system then having to rush through your order though, and it seems to help keep Motorola's website from crashing as well. If you happen to miss out on this deal, don't worry, there will be a $70 discount for everyone available from when this sale ends until February 14th.

Moto X discount registration page

Source: +Motorola; Motorola Support