1Password for Android

1Password made a massive update to their Android app earlier this summer, and though it's been free since June, tomorrow they start charging for a few things. It's worth grabbing now to get some of the premium features like creating new password/website combinations, editing what's currently in your vault, and organizing favorites and folders. Regardless of whether or not you're an existing user, you'll have a 30 day trial starting tomorrow to see what the app offers before needing to pay.

For those unfamiliar, 1Password locks all of your passwords behind a single master password, so you basically never have to remember a password for a site ever again. You can use 1Password to generate new randomized passwords (and you might as well, since you don't have to remember any), store usernames, and lots more. On the device, you'll still need to hop back and forth between the browser and 1Password to log in, but for the security-conscious, it's well worth the minor inconvenience.

Go ahead and grab the app now and give it a shot. Eventually you'll need to shell out for extra features through in-app purchases. Anyone already using 1Password? How are you digging it?