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Other than some of you Evo 4G owners, most of us are still using 3G for data. Either way, you may not have a useable signal in your house or office. So, connecting to wifi networks is a great way to solve this issue. You will get faster speeds (typically) and you won't use any data from your carrier's data plan, which is especially good news for you AT&T users

Connecting to wifi networks is easy, just goto Menu > Settings > Wireless and Networks > Wi-Fi Settings. From here, you can see avaliable wifi networks, and if they are password-protected. Any time you join a network, it will be saved and your device will join it automatically the next time you are in range. To forget a network, just click or long-press on the name and select "forget." Doing this while you are connected brings up some great info, like speed, security, and your IP address. 


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Remembering and forgetting Wifi networks


quick question, call me a noob if you'd like...but when i'm on WiFi, why is it that pretty much everything but the browser cannot connect? (on non-rooted D Inc..) The HTC weather, email, etc.? Is this normal? Is there a setting i'm missing?

Not personally familiar with the Dinc, but not seeing the same issues with the Droid. Apps don't seem to care what network there is (3G, WiFi, string), so long as there is one to use.

Issue I'm having is that if I get a hint of a 3G signal in my house, the WiFi drops, but when 3G goes away the WiFi doesn't automatically reconnect.

Try setting wifi to 'never sleep' - go into wifi settings, hit menu, then hit advanced and select it from there. Once I did this, it essentially forced my Droid X to stay connected to wifi at home and leave the 3G radio off. The only time I notice a hiccup is pulling out of the driveway when the phone tries to hang on to the wifi signal a littler longer than it should. As soon as I get completely out of range, though, I'm good.

Actually i realized my problem.. i forgot that at work i have to first authenticate to get network access ... the java applet used for authentication simply will not load in the three browsers i've tried. (what's worse, my colleague's i*hone DOES load the applet. GRR!) SO you see, i must figure this out! :)

Now if only my N1 would remember my home network and just stay connected. My old Bold9700 would stay connected ALWAYS and find my home network when ever I came back home. Automatic connecting, what a concept! LOL

Connection to 3G is flaky in my basement office. And it seems I'm having issues with home WiFi (and FiFi) being remembered. Seems I have to go into the WiFi settings, turn it off, turn it back on, then it seems to realize the network is there and connect. Any ideas?

I know I have read reports that the EVO wifi is bad for getting a strong reception, but I mean in my own house with 2 bars of wifi, my browser will just load for 30 to 45 secs on end. This happens ALOT. I know its not my internet because it happens on other wi-fi connections I have tried. I have never sleep turned on too. Anyone else having these problems?

Nice thing about Wifi connection on the android OS is that it allows you to talk and surf at the same time like some other company claims you can't do.

Using about 30gb/m of data via 3G. Oh the real unlimited data plans.
Time to move to Finland?

Definite noob here.
Atrix is my 1st Droid phone.
Have installed a few apps, but have done nothing esoteric/dangerous, e.g. rooting.
In fact, still have most of the bloatware intact.

FWIW, I have the small accessory kit, i.e. dock, mouse, and keyboard, but I don't think that will help me.

Rec'd notice of update today.
Notification states download will start when I connect to Wi-Fi, but home network is wired only.
Any ideas how to get the update?


I have a Galaxy Tab...had been using my Iphone4 as a wifi hotspot & all was going well. Yesterday half way through the day it suddenly was not connected anymore. When I try to re-connect its says my iphone "is not in range". Any ideas...I have tried everything I can think of with the same results.