AT&T and Verizon will carry the RED Hydrogen One

RED's Hydrogen One is shaping up to be 2018's most unique smartphone, and when it launches, will be sold through two of the United States' biggest carriers — AT&T and Verizon.

Both companies recently confirmed this news in a press release, with AT&T saying the phone will be available "later this summer" and Verizon noted it'll launch "later this year." RED recently pushed the Hydrogen One's release back to August, so that's likely when sales at the two carriers will begin.

One of the big draws to the Hydrogen One is its holographic display, and commenting on this, AT&T Senior VP of Device and Network Service Marketing, Kevin Petersen, said:

When the RED HYDROGEN ONE launches you'll be able to look around, below and into your screen's image with a 4-view holographic display, which is even better than 3D.

If you live in or around Los Angeles, AT&T will be demoing the Hydrogen One at Warner Bros. Studios between June 2 and 3 as part of AT&T Shape. If you're interested, AT&T asks that you first register for the event to ensure a spot is saved for you.

Availability on AT&T and Verizon should be a huge win for RED, especially considering that the Hydrogen One sounds like a phone you'll need to see in person to really experience what it has to offer. However, the question still remains of whether or not consumers are ready to throw down $1200 for a phone made by a company they may or may not have heard of before.

Camera maker RED just announced a $1200 phone — the Hydrogen One

Joe Maring

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