Earlier this summer, camera maker RED announced that they were working on the Hydrogen One, a $1200 phone that it claims will offer customers the very first holographic display on a phone.

Today, RED officially announced a long-term exclusive partnership with Leia Inc., the company responsible for the "Diffractive Lightfield Backlighting" technology that makes the holographic display possible. The goal is to have the first Hydrogen One phones ready for consumers in the first half of 2018.

MKBHD looks at the Hydrogen One

The world got its first look at a Hydrogen One prototype back in early August thanks to YouTuber Marques Brownlee, and while MBKHD was given an opportunity to see the holographic lightfield in action, the public has been left in the dark for the time being. The technology uses Leia's proprietary hardware and software to synthesize lightfield holographic content within a layer of an LCD display on a mobile device, while otherwise preserving the normal operation of the display for everyday use.

Founded in 2006 by Jim Jannard, RED delivered the world's first 4K digital camera. Through the decade that followed, RED cameras have become fully embraced by Hollywood and used in popular TV series and major motion pictures. With the Hydrogen One, RED is hoping to have a similar impact on the mobile phone industry by providing a new way for users to experience and share content, from movie viewing and gaming to social networking and augmented reality capabilities.

Meanwhile, this will be Leia Inc.'s first attempt to bring its technology into consumer electronics. It appears that RED will be taking the lead there, having made a strategic investment in Leia along with having Jannard join the Leia board of directors.