Recharge your batteries anywhere with this portable solar power bank on sale for $34

The EasyAcc 24000mAh rugged solar power bank and portable charger is down to $33.79 with code EZV5KT8Z on Amazon. Without the code, the power bank is going for $51 and normally sells around $50. It has never dropped this low directly.

The solar power bank is extremely rugged and designed to survive your outdoor trips. It is water-resistant, shock-resistant and dust-resistant with an IP66 rating. The ports aren't waterproof, but the device has a waterproof lid to protect them. It's also built to last with industrial-grade plastic for a strong build quality. There are multiple built-in safeguards to prevent things like short circuits, over-charging, and more.

The portable charger has a 24000mAh battery, which is a huge capacity. It can be topped off by the power of the sun. The device supports Quick Charge 3.0 and has USB-C inputs for fast recharging. It's rugged, safe, and comes with a flashlight.

With a huge 24000mAh battery capacity, you'll be able to recharge most of your mobile devices multiple times over. The ports have a combined current of 6A and support Quick Charge 3.0 for any compatible devices. Re-charging is faster than you think, too, since it has dual inputs including USB-C. Go from empty to full battery in just six hours. The solar panel helps keep it topped off as well.

EasyAcc covers the power bank with an 18-month warranty, and users give it 4 stars out of 5 based on 229 reviews.

Are you looking for rugged tech that can survive the outdoors? Maybe you want something that uses even more renewable energy? You can get 10% off BigBlue's solar panel charger right now. It's another great device that has even larger solar panels for more of that sun power. Also grab a LifeStraw personal water filter so you can drink clean water from any source.

John Levite
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