Shadow aka Nexus Two

Forgive us for being more than a little skeptical here ... But really? This render, purported to be of the Motorola Shadow (an obvious Droid follow-up, design-wise) would be the next in Google's Nexus line, following the Nexus One (a blatant HTC design)? Look, a QWERTY-keyboard follow-up to the Nexus One makes sense, especially if you bring in an HTC-caliber keyboard, like that of the WinMo Touch Pro 2, another HTC device.

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Switching manufacturers in the middle of a line, well, that's more than a little far-fetched. Or, was Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha joining Google and HTC on stage at the Nexus One launch a bit of foreshadowing? Hmmm? Still, we're betting something's been lost in translation along the way. And don't get us started on the wrist strap.

One more pic after the break. [Alfred's Blog via Engadget]

Motorola Shadow render

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