Razer's BlackWidow mechanical keyboard has dropped to a new low of $70

Blackwidow Razer Green Keys
Blackwidow Razer Green Keys

Get one of Razer's most iconic pieces of gear, the Razer BlackWidow mechanical gaming keyboard, on sale for $69.99. This is an all-new low price for a keyboard that was selling as high as $120 in September and has been going for closer to $95 since. Previous deals only saw this keyboard drop as low as $80, even on Black Friday. The deal only applies to the Green mechanical switches. Other switches like Razer Orange have not dropped nearly as low in price. And previous deals we've shared, like on the BlackWidow Elite, are no longer active so this is your best chance to save today.

Has Razer's signature Green mechanical switches with a clicky sound, 50G of actuation force, and high accuracy. Razer Chroma is RGB lighting that syncs with other Razer gear and third party stuff. Hypershift gives you programmable macros.

First off, as a mechanical keyboard the BlackWidow uses Razer's proprietary mechanical switches. In this case, the Green mechanical switches. These switches provide a satisfying click of a sound with every key press, and they only require 50G of actuation force so you can tap them to get a response. That makes the switches ideal for gamers and typers and anyone else who needs really high accuracy without a lot of keyboard babysitting. Just know when you press the keys, you're going to see the action taken.

You can also use Razer Chroma for your own kind of customization. Chroma is Razer's version of RGB. Not only do you get full multi-color backlighting capable of support for millions of colors on the individually backlit keys, but you also get the Chroma part of that equation. That means your RGB can actually sync with other Razer gear that also has Chroma, and it even works with some third parties like Philips Hue so you get a full lighting experience.

Use Razer Hypershift to remap any key or any combination of keys. This is how the BlackWidow gets complex, fully programmable macros you can choose.

The keyboard also has built-in cable routing so you can hide and organize your wires. It comes with Razer's 2-year warranty as well.

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