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Razer's new controllers and headset are cross-platform and fully customizable

Razer has announced two new advanced controllers, the Raiju Ultimate and the Raiju Tournament edition, and a new headset, the Razer Thresher, for the PlayStation 4. The controllers are a follow-up to the Razer Raiju (opens in new tab) released last year, which is still considered one of the best third-party controllers you can buy. Both controllers are officially licensed and designed to be as customizable as possible for gamers. For one thing, they both feature wired and wireless connectivity via Bluetooth. The controllers also have on board profiles along with the ability to pull custom profiles from the cloud if necessary. The headset will also be able to switch between wired and wireless connections.

The Raiju Ultimate (opens in new tab) will also have some extremely modular options because Razer wants it to be the controller "that adapts to every gamer." It will come with interchangeable thumbstick and D-pad controls, multi-function buttons that can be mapped to profiles and recalled at will, and sensitivity controls that can be adjusted to precision by the user. It also has Razer Chroma's RGB LED lighting that can sync with your controller vibrations and other actions.

Since the Ultimate is designed to work with both the PlayStation 4 and the PC, and it can connect via Bluetooth or USB, it comes with a switch on the back that makes it easy to adjust when you decide to use it in a different way. There's also a quick control panel for instant access to the controller's functions like button mapping and profile switching, and a secure button lock so you can stop accidentally pressing buttons you don't want to press.

The Raiju Tournament Edition (opens in new tab) is very similar to the Ultimate. Both controllers will feature the Mecha-Tactile Action Buttons that have the feel of a mechanical switch, and both controllers can be customized using Razer's mobile app. The Tournament Edition lacks the Raiju Ultimate's custom lighting, only has one on-board profile compared to four, and doesn't have the built-in control panel. The differences are minor and reflect in a price that's $50 less expensive. Plus, it's still going to be a high-quality addition to your controller collection.

Thanks to the wired 3.5mm connection on the new Razer Thresher for PS4 (opens in new tab), you'll be able to use it on more platforms than just the PlayStation, including the Nintendo Switch and PC. It will connect to the 2.4 GHz wireless band and last up to 16 hours in wireless mode, too. It has a range of 40 feet, so you can sit comfortably while talking to your friends. It has a retractable mic, built-in volume controls, and large, memory foam ear cushions for long-term comfort. The audio comes from 50mm drivers with a frequency response of 12 to 28,000 Hz. If you're an Xbox gamer or just need a headset solution right now, there is a Razer Thresher (opens in new tab) out there right now that's worth your time.

All three of these devices will be available to purchase at starting August 20. The Raiju Ultimate will retail for $199.99, the Tournament Edition will be $149.99, and the Thresher for PS4 will start at $129.99. We'll start seeing them available at other retailers in the fall.

Sony has announced some new custom color schemes for the PlayStation 4 DualShock controllers, too, if you're more of a traditionalist.

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  • Cross platform?.. 🙄
  • PS4 and PC.......cross platform
  • At least there's something that's "cross platform" with Playstation.
  • Lol, i see what u did there...
  • I've noticed that for some months now that android central reports news on the PlayStation 4. Does the PlayStation 4 run on android? If it doesn't, Why don't they report on the Xbox one too?
  • They probably put Xbox news on Windows Central, since they are part of the same parent company.
  • It seems each site has one gaming platform they focus on. Xbox is Windows Central (which is obvious), and the other two seem a bit more arbitrary (but maybe there's a demographic reason, i dunno), but Android Central seems to focus on PlayStation and iMore seems to focus on Nintendo.
  • I bought the Razer Thresher for Xbox for almost $300 bucks. What a huge waste of money. The headset is too big for my head and doesn't fit tight. Also, no matter the settings, the mic picks up sounds from the speakers causing feedback and echoes. My $100 Turtle Beachs are 10 times better and the wireless Plantronics blew them out of the water. That was my first Razer product, and my last. 😢
  • A decent write up despite the absurdly clickbait title. Here, let me try... SONY RELEASES NEW CROSS PLATFORM DS4! (Every single DS4 since launch could connect to PC, wired or via Bluetooth) While we're at it, SANDISK RELEASES NEW CROSS PLATFORM FLASHDRIVE COLBY RELEASES NEW CROSS PLATFORM