These are the games that support Razer Phone's 120Hz display so far

The display is one of the focal points of the Razer Phone, thanks to its 120Hz refresh rate and its first-party UltraMotion sync. Like G-Sync and FreeSync on a PC, UltraMotion matches the refresh rate of the display to the FPS output from the GPU in the phone to eliminate tearing and produce silky smooth, super fast gameplay.

All this goodness isn't just automatically available to every game, though. Sync technology like this hasn't been attempted on an Android phone yet, and as such developers are having to make adjustments to support it. If there's a company with enough clout to make game developers listen, it's Razer, and for the launch of its first phone, there are already some great games to play on it.

Updated April 2018: This is the most current list of games supported according to Razer (opens in new tab).













In some games, like Titanfall: Assault or Vendetta Online, you'll need to manually enable the high frame rate mode in the settings. Likewise with Arena of Valor, which already has that feature built in but only goes up to 60 FPS right now.

For Razer, getting a developer to support UltraMotion is the priority. But thanks to having a 120Hz display, the side effect is that they can also leave the frame rate unlocked. When both are implemented, Razer Phone will give its best experience.

There are likely more games out there that support high frame rates, and since you can enable the built-in FPS counter and see your yourselves, spotting them isn't too difficult. If you have a Razer Phone and come across any not mentioned be sure to drop them into the comments below.

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Marc Lagace

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  • I don't know about the other games running at 120fps. But World of Tank Blitz doesn't run at 120fps on the Razer Phone. In game settings, it doesn't let you enable that option. I've contacted WarGaming and they have yet to respond to my ticket and it's been almost a week. Unless you just put this game onto your list because Razer said that they supposedly worked with WarGaming for WoTB on their device. You may want to remove it since it only runs at the Android standard of 60fps.
  • Same with Real Racing 3. That game can't even muster 30fps consistently let alone 120fps ;)
    I think devs just took razer's request as question of if their games have FPS unlocked. They probably do, but since none of the phones can manage such frame rates it's pointless anyway.
  • I just tested Real Racing 3 on my Razer Phone. Raced the P1 GTR on Spa head to head. The frame rate was between 90 and 120 for the 3 laps. Most of the time hovering between 105 and 110. I think that's VERY impressive.
  • I tested World of Tanks on my Razer Phone now as well. Got 69-70 FPS on a random battle. Saw spikes up to 90 FPS so I would definitely say the game supports the display..
  • My game Drop Tube supports full 120 FPS on Razer Phone -
    Tested on Razer Phone
  • No way you're getting more than 67 or so fps on World of Tanks Blitz. With their in-game fps meter on the bottom right-hand side, it goes no higher than 61. You can't even enable the 120fps option via settings. Wargaming even stated that they're still finishing up with the testing and that they will be releasing an update in the near future for those with the hardware that's capable for such enjoyment. Unless, you can provide proof, you're just trolling.
  • The framerate hovers around 69-70 FPS on the Razer Phone frame rate counter - and there ARE spikes of up to around 90 FPS. I'm not trolling - just stating what I am seeing on my phone.
  • Why do you guys always leave out Guns of Boom? It's an awesome game and it supports 120fps.
  • Came here to make a joke about how subway surfer should support it... but subway surfer actually supports it.
  • Cool, but why would they bother with Pac Man at 120 FPS?