Ray-Ban Stories update makes the glasses a lot more useful for messaging

Ray Ban Stories Taking Picture
Ray Ban Stories Taking Picture (Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Meta is now rolling out a new update to Ray-Ban Stories, including a hands-free Messenger support.
  • The smart glasses can now send and read out messages to you through voice commands.
  • You can also control other features of the glasses hands-free with the latest update.

Meta's Ray-Ban Stories have picked up a new update that allows you to control the smart glasses with voice commands. To use the wearables' voice features, though, you'll have to say a rather hackneyed wake word.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the latest change in a Facebook post. Ray-Ban Stories can now send and read out Messenger messages with a simple voice command, but first you must say "Hey Facebook," according to Engadget.

The new update also lets you make audio calls via Messenger. And if you find the built-in touchpad a little unhandy to use, you can also control the volume or pause and resume audio playback without lifting your hands. All these features are accessible via the glasses' built-in mics, speakers, and digital assistant.

When Facebook (which was still Meta's name at that time) unveiled Ray-Ban Stories, the glasses could only take photos or videos and double as wireless headphones via voice command. The most recent update makes the glasses a lot more handy, expanding their smart capabilities.

Of course, the glasses aren't the same as Meta's other product, the Oculus Quest 2, which is one of the best VR headsets on the market. They do, however, strengthen the company's eyewear department.

The update is being rolled out in phases to the accompanying Facebook View app, Engadget noted. Zuckerberg said that the new enhancement is only the beginning for the smart glasses and that more updates will arrive in 2022.

Ray-Ban Stories Wayfarer Render Crop

Ray-Ban Stories

Ray-Ban Stories combines Ray-signature Ban's good looks with a few added smart features. They have open ear audio with Bluetooth phone call and music playback, hands-free picture and video taking, and a plethora of frame shape, size, and color options.

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