Radio Shack's silent EVO 3D preorders start Tuesday

Here we go again, folks. First it was Best Buy with the not-so-secret silent preorders for the upcoming Sprint HTC EVO 3D (see our hands-on at CTIA), and now Radio Shack's getting in on the game. Just like with Best Buy, Radio Shack's not going to be openly promoting the preorders. But if you ask, they'll gladly give you a $50 gift card along with the promise of an EVO 3D just as soon as it's released.

And as for when it's going to be released, seems nobody knows just yet (or at least Sprint is keeping it really close to the chest), which is the reason for all this super secret silent preorder stuff in the first place. For more on that, check out the rest of the images after the break.

Thanks, anon!

Phil Nickinson
  • Hey everyone, I'm on a 2 yr contract with my EVO 4G from July 2010. Can i reup to get the EVO 3D on a new 2yr for it's discounted price (most likely $200)? I rememberdebating with the Sprint guy when I got my EVO and he said that if I got a 2 year and then reupped it'd be like $70 which would have been the difference if I got the evo on a 1 yr contract.
  • Signing a new 1 year contract, or re-upping you two year contract after 1 year gets you $75 off. New two year gets you $150. You can sell your Evo to radio shack or on ebay though
  • It depends on your plan. If you're on the most common $70+$10 plan, you're a Premier Silver member which means you don't get yearly upgrades at the same price as new contracts. However, you still get a discount off the full price (usually $500-ish) if you renew; that discount is $75 for a 2-year renewal (basically resetting the clock on your contract) or $25 for a 1-year renewal. You can sell your EVO to Sprint for $125 right now, possibly less after the EVO 3D launches; it's definitely worth more on Ebay either way. Now, if you're on one of the more expensive or unlimited plans and you've already qualified as a Premier Gold member, then you qualify for an upgrade every 12 months at the same price that someone signing a new contract would pay. Note that you can swap plans at any time, so swapping for three months to qualify for Gold and get a bigger discount on the phone might be an option (if the difference after rebate, etc is larger than the extra cost over 3 months). Also, some people have complained to Sprint about the change in Premier membership policy (used to be only one tier and pretty much everyone had 12 mo. upgrades at full discount) and they've received one 12 month upgrade back for this year.
  • Btw, Sprint's site will tell you what discounts you qualify for exactly, and when. There's no mystery to it, they lay it all out very clearly on your My Sprint page.
  • Hey thx, everyone, really helpful! I'm a gold premier member, but only 1 line gets the 12mo early upgrade... looks like my gf will be getting it, not me lol
  • Try emailing or calling customer care and see if they can help you out... other people have had success.
  • Thanks, I'll give it a shot, whats the best way to go about it? Had a huge family plan with them for over 10 years
  • >"Now, if you're on one of the more expensive or unlimited plans and you've already qualified as a Premier Gold member, " OR if you have been a customer of Sprint for 10 or more years.
  • I'm actually a store manager @ a Radioshack in Miami and if your eligible for the Full Upgrade you can get the EVO 3D for most likely the price is going to be 199.99 for an upgrade with no problem. BUT if your not eligible for the full upgrade, but your eligible for the partial upgrade (You've Had the same phone for at least a year) it rly doesn't matter, you just have to pay $75 more than the full upgrade price. but exclusively @ radioshack we can do a trade in, You'll probably get around $175 dollars for the HTC EVO 4G if its in nice condition, SO basically you pay $24.99 for a BRAND NEW EVO 3D which is pretty frickin sweet.
  • Josh which Radio shack in miami your in so I can go reserve mines in your store ?
  • I'm at 8300 w Flagler st Miami FL 33144 (305) 227 9113 and ill give u my managers discount 15% off any accessories you want
  • o that one is close to my House I live on FountainBlue .. Ill be going one of this days to reserve since I think i will be trading in my EvO ..
  • Already reserved at your store . #2 name Ramon .
  • EXCELLENT!! i saw your reservation. ill see you on the launch day!
  • I did a pre thingy at a Sprint Store for the $50 stuff some time back.. Before Best Buy... way before.. So I'm still waiting, and I feel like its just around the corner. With some units being introduced as recent, I think it is about time Sprint does their Smack Down... Bring on the EVO 3D...
  • OMG!!! this whole "super-secret silent" double-tipple dare pinky-swearing is HILAREOUS!!! its like we are all back in kinder garden or something 8-)
  • LMBO! :-D
  • I'm quite tempted by the Evo3d. But, with all the locked bootloader crap... I don't know what to think of HTC.
  • I just read on AC forums from the guy who leaked thr EVO 3D system dump that the bootloader is locked, but not signed so all is well
  • As long as it is not Encrypted then it will be fine. Just like any other htc device it will be rooted just fine.
  • Well now sprint's best friend as far as selling partners has chimed inn this without a doubt clearly means the Htc Evo 3d is now 2weeks away. June 3rd 2011 which is a friday the Htc Evo 3d will be released and we will be hearing from sprint before this upcoming Friday May 20th for a offical announcement. Thank god the wait is almost over...
  • Maybe they'll announce something at the Nascar Allstar race this weekend. They always have the giant Evo 4G on top of the winning car, it would be great if they had the 3D instead.
  • Sprint stores have been doing this since even before Best Buy was doing it. One recent example:
  • If many are successful in this pre-order, then I'll go for it
  • Well I went to what I thought was a Sprint (run by US Cellualr but everything was Sprint branded) store and they were not doing pre orders but she said she started a wait list and I was the first person on it. The rep took my name and number and stated she will call a day before the phones go on sale. I am skeptical but she said there were hundreds on the list for the original Evo. She said it is the corporate Sprint stores that are taking the money for pre orders I guess. I didn't have to pay anything up front so we will see...
  • Dumb question: If I do the preorder at a Radio Shack store, do I need to go back to that EXACT store to pick up the phone when it's ready, or can it be any Radio Shack store? I'm assuming the exact store but wanted to be sure.
  • Yeah it's gona have to be at the same store, cuz there's a form your gotta sign with your name and number and we keep that form the day before the launch they will call you to remind you. so all you have to do is when you get to the store say you want to do a pre-order for the 3D and you fill out the form which and you write a down a time you will most likely be able to pass by. Then you just pay $50 and you get a $50 gift card and the day of the launch it is applied to the price of the phone, so if the phone is 199.99 you get it for 149.99 since u have the card which is not so bad on your pocket ALSO if you trade in your old HTC EVO 4G you get around $175 dollars so basically you can get the HTC EVO 3D for like $24.99
  • That's great to know, so apparently (and another dumb question) if I'm up for a new upgrade from Sprint, which I am, this applies at Radio Shack for the pricing? :)
  • Yes, your upgrade applies no matter where you buy it
  • Thanks for the info all, just went and got my pre-order set up :)
  • Welcome to the cool kids club! :)
  • I personally don't like Radio Shack, but good for them, I guess...
  • I hope the battery stays the same because i just bought the EXT battery for the regular EVO.
  • It uses a different battery.
  • Yep- a bigger and better battery
  • I had a nightmare time activating my two Evo's at RS on launch day. Their systems were so bogged down it took hours. Of course they blamed it on Sprint's systems so who knows. I think I'll just get mine from the retail store this time around. Also, I am reading that the ROM is signed....
  • But since when has a locked and signed ROM stopped devs? They always find a way around this kinda stuff... and I have heard differently: that it's only locked not signed, and even some saying it isnt locked OR signed....
  • In all the history of computers and electronic devices, for every lockdown imposed, a workaround is always found afterwards. Don't sweat it, guaranteed you see something on xda-developers hours after the phone is released saying it's been unlocked.
  • Ok, I think it's been answer but I need help with my OG EVO.
    We have a family plan 1500 minutes, three lines, a blackberry (the main line) the. Two evos ( mine and cousin). I got my evo on the day that was released, June 4 I think. Should I be able to get the evo 3d for 200 or do I have to pay 400, like I did for my evo. ? I kinda don't understand ..