Quick look: Wasserstein solid wood wireless charging pad

Measuring nearly 3-inches in diameter and a half-inch in thickness, this wood wireless charger makes sure to fit in most cluttered work areas, providing a cable-free way to charge your device. The top of the pad features a white rubber ring that helps to keep even glass-backed devices from sliding of its surface. On the bottom are 3 rubber feet that do an excellent job at keeping the pad in place. There's nothing too special about the wood used here — at least nothing the company is bragging about — but it looks good. You can see the seam just slightly between the two pieces where they put the guts in.

Included with the Wasserstein wireless charger is a 33-inch microUSB cable sans adapter. The back of the unit features a red and green LED on both sides of its microUSB input. When plugged in, both lights kick on, and stay on. When a Qi-compatible device is placed on top, the green light will start blinking — indicating the charge has initiated. I'm not much of a fan of steady lights on any wireless charger I use, but if they're going to be there — they can't be bright. Luckily, these aren't bad for bedside use.

As far as charging speed, you can expect the typical 1A slow-going rate for this particular pad. We know some quicker wireless charging options are finally coming, and we'll definitely be taking closer looks at those as soon as we get our hands on them. To save energy, this Qi-charger features an idle mode that never overcharges your battery.


  • Rubber on both sides
  • Lightweight
  • Unique look


  • Lights are always on
  • Slow 1A charging

Our take

$19.99 Amazon

If you're into the wood design for your home or work space, the Wasserstein Wireless Charger looks as good as it performs. The white rubber is a good match with its tone, and having slip security on both sides is must. There's also a square option of this same pad for an extra $20, if the round isn't your style. So, unless you're chomping at the bit for these next-gen wireless chargers from Samsung, this pad will suit you and your device just fine.

Brent Zaniewski