Cut the Rope: Time Travel

There may not be a casual mobile game franchise more well-known than Cut the Rope at this point. And while other names come and go, developer ZeptoLab just keeps cranking out great iterations of this simple concept. It looks like they have yet another winner on their hands with the latest iteration -- dubbed "Time Travel" -- with new game mechanics, sounds and a few new friends as well.

Stick around after the break to get a quick primer on the big changes you can expect in Cut the Rope: Time Travel.

Cut the Rope: Time TravelAndroid Central

Coming from the previous versions of the game, Time Travel takes things to the next level, adding another piece of candy and another "Om Nom" to feed every time. Each world (or set of levels) is set for a different time period -- hence the name -- with a new friend and new mechanics for each. For example, starting off in "The Middle Ages", a new Om Nom dressed like a Viking accompanies you, introducing heavy chains that can only be cut by blades. As you progress, naturally the new mechanics from each period get meshed together, making the levels tougher to pass.

It adds something new to the game that's more difficult than just adding different types of ropes and pulleys, keeping the game fresh. It almost starts to develop a bit of a storyline as you move from one time period to another. In typical Cut the Rope fashion, all of the animations, artwork and sounds are done extremely well as you would expect.

If you've been a fan of previous Cut the Rope games, you won't be disappointed giving Time Travel a shot. Because it's launching with a free version as well, you won't have any commitment to give it a look. You can grab that free version from the Play Store link at the top of this post, or jump straight to the $0.99 paid ad-free version right here. Now go feed some Om Noms!