Acer Chromebook 13

The new Chromebook 15 isn't the only bit of Chrome OS news coming out of Acer, as the laptop maker is showing off a refreshed version of its Chromebook 13 with a touchscreen at CES. The new model is physically and internally identical to the original — down to the Tegra K1 processor — but bumps up the appeal with a new 1080p glossy touchscreen on front.

You can tell these two models apart because the touchscreen Chromebook 13 has a black bezel and a glossy screen covering, comparing to the matte screen with a white bezel on the original. That gloss helps improve viewing angles and colors just a tad, but unfortunately this is the same exact TN panel style as the original that had us wanting higher quality.

The touch capabilities are at least up to snuff, with swipes and taps feeling just fine thanks to the smooth surface. The new Chromebook 13 with a touchscreen is set to retail at $330, a $50 bump over the non-touch variant, but we're unsure if there will be multiple SKUs available that vary that price. At those prices it's hard not to spend the extra dough for a slightly better — and more capable — display.