Qik Android video chat

Android video chat is finally here, after a few days and more than a little gnashing of teeth, on the Sprint Evo 4G. The Qik app has been up and down as they've dealt with the crush of new Evo's hitting their servers. But we've been putting it through its paces, and it's pretty easy to use.

Just fire it up, and you have options to place a video call, record a video (and stream it live at the same time), record and view video messages (part of those $5-a-month premium features, which are free until July15), and manage all of your videos. Buttons are large and well-marked, and it took zero setup to get things going. You also can choose (on phones with front-facing cameras, anyway) which camera to use -- front or rear.

Placing a video call was simple -- you choose the person from your contact list. That simple, and it works just fine in portrait and landscape mode. Check out more screen shots after the break.

Qik video testQik video test

Qik video chat

Qik video testQik video test

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