This could be Qualcomm's official name for its next flagship Snapdragon SoC

Snapdragon 8gx Gen
Snapdragon 8gx Gen (Image credit: @Za_Raczke / Twitter)

What you need to know

  • A new leak claims to reveal Qualcomm's official naming scheme for its next flagship Snapdragon SoC.
  • The upcoming premium chipset may be called the Snapdragon 8Gx Gen 1.
  • Qualcomm is set to officially announce the chipset at its Tech Summit on November 30.

Qualcomm's official moniker for its next-generation flagship chipset lineup has been apparently leaked online just a few days before the company's formal unveiling of the upcoming processor.

According to a Twitter user going by the handle @Za_Raczke, Qualcomm's upcoming premium SoC will be known as the Snapdragon 8Gx Gen 1. The latest leak is based on Qualcomm's staging website, where templates for upcoming products are posted prior to their official unveiling.

The page for the upcoming chipset is obviously just a template for the actual product, and all of the text on it is merely placeholder. However, it aligns with Qualcomm's previous announcement about changing the naming scheme of its Snapdragon mobile platforms to a new "simplified" structure. Starting with its upcoming flagship 8-series platform, its mobile platforms will be transitioned to a single-digit series and generation number under the new scheme.

For the time being, it's unclear what the "G" in the name stands for, but GSMArena speculates that it refers to higher clock speeds for the GPU, as seen in the Snapdragon 765 and 765G. Meanwhile, the "x" could simply denote its high-end status.

While it is unclear whether the leaked logo represents the official name of the upcoming chipset, the 8-series typically refers to the flagship chipsets found in the best Android phones. The OnePlus 10 Pro is rumored to be powered by a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC, which is believed to be a follow-up to the Snapdragon 888. However, it's not clear if this chipset is the same as the Snapdragon 8Gx Gen 1.

Qualcomm is preparing to make the formal announcement on November 30th, so we won't have to wait long.

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