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Not long ago we checked out the Epic Meal Time game, but we wanted to get to know the guys behind it, and particularly how they managed to wrangle a deal with a huge, established YouTube brand. Molecube has been making game for a little while, but mostly for iOS. We get some of their impressions on that transition, as well as plans for the future. 

Hi Pierre, thanks for your time! I'm a big fan of the game. Care to give us a bit of background on Molecube?

Hey Simon, thank you for having me! Molecube is an indie mobile game development studio based in Quebec, Canada. We are a small group of six individuals trying to do what we love for a living since two years. We’ve developed five games in our lifetime: Binja, Monstruction, Monsieur Monsieur, Justin Mac Fart and our latest release, Epic Meal Time!

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Similar to every indie studio, in the last few years we’ve tried to be noticed in this crazy market. We’ve tried numerous strategies at different levels, we have even tried to market our marketing failures and successes in something called the “Experiment” for Justin Mac Fart but even that wasn’t enough to get us noticed. I think we’ve finally got this done with Epic Meal Time. We are very thrilled about that.

You guys are a pretty small outfit - how did you hook up with a YouTube sensation like Epic Meal Time?

Actually, this is a pretty funny story. We are big fans of Epic Meal Time and we prototyped a game that was formerly called “Epic Meat” featuring a German character called “Gunther” eating tons of meat with Fruit Ninja-like gameplay. Of course, we were very influenced by EMT doing this.

One day we woke up and realized EMT didn’t even have a game and would probably be interested by such an awesome concept. We sent an e-mail describing our prototype and a few days later we received a phone call from Montréal. I have to say, at first it was kind of surreal speaking to Harley AKA “Sauce Boss” in person when you’ve been following his videos and using his quotes for a year! Fun fact: he’s the only person I know starting a business call to strangers saying “yaoooooo”. After a few calls, e-mail and boring paperwork we managed to seal the deal and create this game!

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How much input did the Epic Meal Time guys have on the game? Did they just hand over the art assets and you slapped 'em together, or were they giving ideas all the way through development?

Since we already had a prototype when we started the project I have to say that they didn’t have much to contribute during the development process. As usual we did all the art, animation, and game design ourselves. They gave us the official songs and helped us in getting the rights to have a Deadmau5 background in the game (which is pretty badass).

Harley came up with a few good ideas for future updates, crew members and maybe even different gameplay modes near the release date.

It looks like this is your first game on Android after a few on iOS. What's the biggest difference in working on one versus the other?

We’ve tried the Android market with Monsieur Monsieur before but we added it to Google Play after our launch on iOS which was a problem coverage wise. So we’ve decided to remove it from the store.

The biggest difference is the number of devices available. If you compare to Apple, there are only three devices and a few different generations to work with compared to Android where it’s a few hundred all with different screen sizes. I am not a programmer myself but I know the programmers here found it was a real challenge (anyway, they love challenges). They did a wonderful job. We only received a few bug reports for different or older devices for the game.  On another hand, there is no approval delays to submit new version on your game so it’s very easy to do quick fixes.

Another big difference is Google Wallet vs iTunes Connect and I have to say that as a merchant it is way easier to do transactions, refunds, etc. on Google Play for the only reason that it’s live.

What's next from Molecube? Are we going to see the crew unlocks in EMT soon?

We are always working on a few different projects. Right now we are working on two of our own IPs. We are not ready to announce the name or show footage of it but let me tell you that we took a lot of experience and skills with our latest release and these are going to be a quality and depth of games we’ve never done before. Also, we’ve finally found a niche unexploited in the mobile games so I am very confident it will be a big hit.

Beside that we are always searching for more internet celebrities, short animation movies creators or popular series owners to help them capitalize on their popularity and create an awesome game based on their products!

Concerning the Epic Meal Time game updates, we are preparing a patch with a few bug fixes and a few bonus swag items before unlocking the crew. Some of the new characters are already being worked on. We would be very thrilled to add all the crew members to the game and even a few guests (ex : FPSRussia). All these updates will depend on the reception of the game, the social impact, the sales, everything.

I would say that if you are a EMT fan and if you really want to see a lot of content patch in the future, be very social about the game, talk to your friends and family and help us climb the charts and in return, we’ll give you stellar content!

BONUS QUESTION: How big is the biggest burger you've ever eaten?

It is very funny that you ask this question, especially this week. The biggest burger I’ve ever eaten was last week. To celebrate the launch of the EMT game, the bunch of young guys that we are all been in a cottage and decided to create an Epic Meal Time-like burger. After brainstorming for a few hours we’ve decided to take some bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips and craft a few bacon weaves. We wrapped all kinds of Kraft Dinner in it, added some homemade pulled pork flavored sausages in it, and put it in a hamburger bun. But it didn’t stop there. We added some onion rings in our hamburgers and filled the holes with cheese curds. That day we all understood how hard it was for the EMT guys to stay awake after a meal like this. I’ll share some footage with you when we’ll be done editing it!

Epic Meal Time is available now in Google Play at a promotional price of $0.99 for Shart Week. There are still in-app purchases for vanity items. It's a great action game where you feed a fat man meat and fling away vegetables that fly towards him, all while amassing Internet Money to buy new kinds of food.