Put some Spring in your step with these wallpapers!

Spring has been sprung, and Easter Sunday is coming — and so are the Monday-after candy sales! The world is showing the beauty of nature around us as the wildflowers bloom, the gardens grow, and the whole world outside your window seems to be green with new life. As most of us can't spend these spring days frolicking in a field, we'll have to get that burst of spring energy somewhere else — like our home screen. These wallpapers are sure to put some spring in your step.

I'm blue, da ba dee da ba daa

Spring brings many, many wildflowers come out to shine during the spring, but few have the reputation or the raw, elusive beauty of the Texas Bluebonnet. Trying to plant bluebonnets and have them come up in the same place year after year is like trying to herd cats, but they'll be there year after year along country roads and bustling freeways. Driving from Austin to Dallas or even out into country towns like Fredericksburg right now is an exercise in distraction from the sheer beauty of all the blooms along your path. Bluebonnets are a state flower, a state treasure, and they'll put some majesty on your home screen.

Bluebonnets by dashedandshattered


They're back! They're back for our souls! The peeps will consume us all... unless we eat them first. Peeps may be the most iconic holiday candy on the planet that people actually like eating, and it's hard to deny marshmallow fluff that's been coated in even more sugar. What I really love about this wallpaper is that under all that sugar, it's reminding us that we can stand out from the pack and find happiness being ourselves instead of just blending in.


Let's go retro

You didn't think I was going to do an Easter roundup without a Jelly Bean wallpaper, did you? Jelly Bean may still be on 5% of devices, but its wallpapers have mostly vanished from memory, a shame because they had some beauties. From geometric madness to a subtly subdued Nexus wallpaper, there's still plenty of jelly beany goodness to be had, and you can get your nostalgia on with these fabulous wallpapers

Android Jelly Bean Wallpapers


All joking aside, how about a real jelly bean wallpaper? This pastel illustration makes a great desktop, even if it makes me hungry every time I open my phone. This wallpaper comes in two flavors: white and pink, with a rainbow of jelly beans adorning each in a orderly grid pattern.

Jelly Bean Desktop by Ann Kelle

Not yummy, but pretty

Painted Easter eggs are quite a lovely tradition, even if they're not quite as delicious as finding ones filled with chocolate. These eggs are lovingly painted with painstaking detail, and they make an wallpaper that brings old-school to your cutting-edge phone.

Hand Painted Easter Eggs by Kitteh-Pawz

Cherry blossoms bring a simple peace to your home screen

Spring means many things to many people, but to the people of Japan — and the people of Washington DC — spring means cherry blossoms! Deviantart user WindyLife has a variety of knockout shots of cherry blossoms, but this shot spoke to me. As did the black cat running through the petals. This wallpaper works best with minimal home screens and light icon packs, as pink icons get lost in those adorable petals.

Cherry Blossoms Wallpaper by WindyLyfe

Who's up for a nap?

Tell the truth, you wish you could plop down in a flowering field for a nap with them. Heck, after dealing with severe weather most of the night, I could use a nap in a sunny — but not too sunny — square. Judy and Nick seem to have let their guard down as they carelessly nap amongst the blooms... or are they just lying in wait, carrot recorder stashed just out of sight. Either way, this is a spring wallpaper that can reminder that no matter how much you have to do, there's always time for a nap.

Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps by TheDracoJayProject

Updated March 2018: Another spring, another spring cleaning. We've also added an extra few wallpapers for this Easter.

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