Pushbullet keeps up with things you care about with Channels

Pushbullet has announced the arrival of channels. Channels notify you when something you care about happens, whether thats the latest update to your favorite webcomic, or your go-to Android news site publishes a new story in a specific topic.

Channel owners can push to their channel just like anything else. Notifications will sync, of course, across all of your devices. You can also create your own channels, letting others subscribe to updates from your blog, your team notifications, and more. Pushbullet allows you to embed a subscribe button on your website, give out the direct link, or share your channels tag.

There area number of channels already up and running, such as Pushbullet (naturally), webcomic xkcd, and a Steam Deals channel. Pushbullet is also putting out a call for user channels. They will highlight the best of them on the new Channels page on their website.

You can download the latest version of Pushbullet with Channel support from the Google Play Store right now.

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Source: Pushbullet