PSN status: Sony's PlayStation Network is back up after hour-long outage

Ps5 Hero With Dualsense
Ps5 Hero With Dualsense (Image credit: Jennifer Locke / Android Central)

Update, December 4 (11:45 pm ET): PlayStation Network services have been restored, with the network down for just under an hour.

What you need to know

  • Users are facing issues signing into PSN and connecting to services.
  • The network is in maintenance mode, and showing an error WS-37398-0.
  • The PSN dashboard shows that all services are running as normal.

Sony's PlayStation Network is seeing an outage right now, with users unable to sign in to their accounts or connect to Sony's servers. The issue seems to affect all consoles, including the PlayStation 5, and users are seeing a WS-37398-0 error when trying to sign into their accounts.

According to Downdetector, the issue is predominantly affecting PSN users in the U.S., but Twitter also has several instances of users from Japan facing issues signing into their accounts.

The PSN service dashboard shows that all services are running, so this could just be a routine maintenance. If so, the network should be back up shortly. We'll update the post once we know more.

Update, December 4 (11:45 pm ET) — The PlayStation Network is back up after an hour-long outage

PlayStation Network services are back for users around the world. The outage lasted just under an hour and affected users in the U.S., Japan, and other markets.

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