PS5 DualSense controller is getting dazzling new color options next month

Ps5 Dualsense Red Black
Ps5 Dualsense Red Black (Image credit: Sony)

What you need to know

  • PlayStation has unveiled two new color options for its DualSense controller.
  • The new color options feature Midnight Black and Cosmic Red.
  • This new lineup of colors will be available worldwide starting next month.

PlayStation has announced that its PS5 DualSense controller is getting a couple of new color options very soon. Midnight Black and Cosmic Red will hit retailers around the world starting next month.

In a blog post that revealed the new colors, members of the design team spoke about how their goal is to always surprise and entice their fans, and these new colors were chosen from a variety of samples because of how well they complement each other. Both also feature a subtle blue hue that produces a unique shade of red and black, according to Satoshi Aoyagi.

These new color options will of course still include the DualSense's signature haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, which have received much acclaim based on their implementation in various games. Astro's Playroom and Returnal, in particular, make stellar use of them.

Though Midnight Black and Cosmic Red will be available starting in June 2021, exact dates and prices will vary by location. Over in the United States, they'll release on June 11. Cosmic Red appears to be priced at $75 while Midnight Black will set you back the usual $70.

If you've yet to buy a PS5, you obviously won't need these DualSense controllers yet. But if you're one of the millions that have already gotten ahold of Sony's newest console, Cosmic Red and Midnight Black should make excellent additions to your collection.

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