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Project Fi expands international coverage to 170 total markets

Google's Project Fi saw a big update this past January in the form of a new feature called "Bill Protection." This essentially gave Project Fi an $80/month unlimited plan, and just about a month since that launch, the service is gaining a couple new tricks focused on international coverage.

First off, Project Fi is now available to use in 37 additional countries – meaning that subscribers now have full coverage in over 170 different markets. New additions include the likes of Belize, Morocco, Armenia, and Nigeria, and no matter which of the supported countries you travel to, you'll still get unlimited calls and texts and pay $10 per GB of data while still being able to use Bill Protection.

The Project Fi app will also let you know if you'll be covered for an upcoming trip. This data is pulled from your Gmail account if you receive any emails regarding an upcoming international flight, and while you can turn this off in your account settings, it's a nice reminder so that you don't receive any unwanted surprises once you land in a foreign country.

I've personally still held off on subscribing to Project Fi due other carriers having better deals for large family plans, but with updates like this, it's becoming more and more enticing with each day that passes.

Project Fi just launched a highly competitive $80 unlimited plan called 'Bill Protection'

Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • Don't care. Wake me up when we can use Fi with any phone. WAY too restrictive and limiting right now.
  • Hearing this makes it very tempting for me now, considering that one of the countries I do travel to on occasion is on the list.
  • I've been on Project Fi for years, I rarely use more than a GB of mobile data/month. I travel a lot, especially to Europe. Ironically that's when I end up using the most data, and at $10 GB it's actually really cheap. Project Fi just works internationally, I can't recommend it enough. With the recent changes (addition of family plans and price guarantees) it has simply become the best of all worlds for me. My family bill is usually under $40/month.
  • I agree. I went on a month-long overseas trip, and my bill after it was over was around $50. Data use (and even call use) on my phone was far more reliable than my in-law's data/call plans, and they were using local SIM's.
  • Yea, if I works for you that's a really good plan. But I don't use public wifi on my phone because I don't have an automatic vpn like on pixel and at work I use lte all day to listen to music and watch Netflix during lunch. I use over 12gb every month and for some reason this month I used over 30. My current t-mobile plan is the old select choice plan which is 44.64 every month after discount for unlimited. If I didn't have it I would definitely try fi.
  • I'm in the same boat. I use enough data that I'd max out that $80 every month, and T-Mo gives me unlimited for $56/mo after my BYO Pixel discount. Add to that the free inflight WiFi on US flights, and it's still a no-brainer for me. That said, my partner has been on Fire for the last year and couldn't be happier with it, because her bill is under $40/mo, and the combination of T-Mo and Sprint coverage in eastern PA is pretty bulletproof.