PowerA introduces new game controller for the MOGA Mobile Gaming System

PowerA unveiled a new controller this morning for the MOGA gaming system. The new controller, the MOGA Pro, brings a more console-like experience to mobile gaming.

Features include:

Android Central @ CES

  • Full size console-style grips
  • Precision dual-analog sticks
  • Four action buttons
  • Directional pad
  • Two shoulder buttons
  • Two shoulder triggers
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • USB charging cord
  • Tablet stand

As mobile gaming gets increasingly better, the more we're going to see innovations like the MOGA gaming system. The controller that comes with it now, while functional, does not present enough of a console-like feel. The MOGA Pro does, so it will be interesting to see how it is welcomed by serious gamers. The new controller will come out this spring and the price has yet to be announced.

Sean Brunett
  • Can we just skip this and start buying the Nvidia Shield? Thanks...
  • Because I want to carry around a giant 5 inch device along with my phone?
  • Meh. I was actually thinking this still looks more practical than the shield. As cool as the shield looks, it's entirely too purpose built to have space on my counter where multiple phones and tablets already sit. -Suntan
  • just got my Moga controller and though it works great, they definitely need the shoulder buttons like R1 and L1 or RB LB etc.. for games like GTA and some others.
  • It has r1 and r2 buttons.
  • No wonder they gave the old ones away for free. Now I have the last generation model lol
  • It's not last generation, it's a more compact portable version which I frankly perfer.
  • what's this racing game?
  • I was just about to ask the same thing.
  • It's just a render they did for marketing.
  • What? seriously? i was just given the smaller MOGA controller for free and then they announce this? WTF PowerA? way to screw your customers over ;) and because sarcasm doesn't translate well over the internet, the above was 100% sarcasm. looks like a nice controller for sure, but too large to be very portable. I'll stick with my $5 special :)
  • I really love the thought of this type of device. Nvidia Shield looks great to me and I might look into that. Moga controller would be great if not for the software. I have not got the hang of playing Dead Trigger or even Sonic without a controller and use my Wired Xbox 360 with my Nexus 7, until I get a wireless one working. It basically works with almost any games, Moga didn't have a long list of available games.
  • Sorry MOGA. A OTG cable, a cheap XBOX controller, and a usb app, and for less than the price of their small controller and I have essentially what is going to be their new controller.
  • You forgot to factor in the cost of attaching the phone to the controller.