Odds are you probably have more than just your phone that needs to be charged on a daily basis, and that means that there's a bunch of stuff plugged in and cables running all over the place. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to charge all of your gear each day in a clean and easy way? Well, right now you can grab one of these desktop USB docking stations at a huge 55% discount, dropping them down to just $13.50 after the on-page discount is applied. If you don't see the discount reflected in the cart, you can try applying coupon code 55ssssss to see the savings of $16.49.

Better charging

Clever Bright Desktop Charging Station

Stop leaving all your gadgets laying around as they charge and keep them contained to a single, safe area in your home. This hub charges six devices at the same time, so don't miss out.

$13.50 $30 $16.50 Off

With coupon: 55ssssss

The charging station comes in your choice of black or white, and honestly at this price you may want one of each. You can plug four USB cables of your choice into it, and there are four slots to help keep your phone, tablet, and more organized and safe while they are charging. It does have a single 2.4A charging port and the rest charge at 1A, which isn't the fastest out there but it will get the job done overnight. There are also two AC plugs on it, and you can control all of the ports via the one-button switch to turn them on or off.

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These coupons don't often last very long, so if you are looking to pick one of these up be sure to grab one now before it's gone. Be sure to also pick up some short USB cables so that there aren't cables flowing everywhere!

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