Earlier in the week everyone was asked if they were running the Lollipop preview on their phones. We know that availability is very limited, but we also know that Nexus users are over-represented here at AC. I needed to get a feel for just how many of us were excited about what's coming — excited enough to install a potentially broken developer preview. The numbers surprised me a little bit.

Poll results

If we go by these numbers, about a quarter of us have installed the Lollipop preview version. A handful (five-percent) had to understandably uninstall due to issues or bugs, but this is still a pretty big portion considering that it's really only "officially" available for one phone and one tablet.

I have it here on both the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7, and while there are still things that aren't working as intended, it feels pretty close to final. Things should get pretty sweet when Google releases the code and the OTA updates, then people like Samsung and HTC can get to work on it.

Shout out in the comments about what features you can't wait to use on your phone!